Alison Tedford smiling

My Approach

These are the principles that shape how I work with clients. 

Everyone is welcome here

I take an intersectional approach and collaborate with non-profits and businesses that honour that Black, Trans and Indigenous Lives Matter, that disability access is a right not a privilege and that further the equality of women and gender diverse people. I believe in creating an affinity based on shared values to create a committed community instead of driving action through fear, pity and shame. 

Stronger together, strong since forever

I believe in communication and education with a strengths-based lens, the use of consent-based practices, cultural safety and consciousness. Stories of change, connection and impact are best shared in a way that is anti-exploitative, does not centre narratives of saviourism and protects the dignity of all involved.

Real relationships, real results

Consultation isn’t a ticky-box. Reconciliation is a process. Truth comes first – and the truth is that yesterday and today hold injustices and pain, but also beauty, resilience, joy and excellence. We are not just what has happened to us; Indigenous communities, people and cultures hold wisdom, brilliance, excellence and hope. Infinite opportunities exist in working alongside each other, and that comes from work that is transformative, not performative, walking together on a new path.

Let’s connect and create a new story.