Who I am

I am a social media copywriter. I have managed social media, creating compelling social copy for the brands I represent. Recently, I've shifted to creating social copy my clients can implement themselves. 

Here's a little more info on what I'm about: 

I am: 

  • body positive
  • mental health stigma fighting 
  • positive in my messaging  

I'm looking to work with brands who feel the same way - that we can create community around a brand that doesn't make people buy things or participate because they feel bad about themselves. 

I want to facilitate:

  •  radical acceptance
  • glorious celebration 
  • gleeful delight
  • a community of raving fans for my clients 


I used to volunteer as a peer support for eating disorder survivors and I decided I didn't want to put out content that would undo that work. 

I want to work with: 

  • world changers
  • disruptors
  • subversive brands that smash stigma
  • community builders

I want to help brands and wellness professionals be allies in building confidence with their consumer base, growing a fan base for my clients because customers identify them with "coming home" - a safe place where they are understood.  


Does that sound like you? Email me at alison@alisontedford.com 

Let's stay in touch!

Contact Me

Drop me a line at alison@alisontedford.com