Who I am

I am a writer and content strategist. I started off creating content for an executive audience in my work with the federal government. 

After over a decade of public service, I decided to offer my services as a consultant. I had already launched a successful blog and people were asking for my help to create content to build their brands. 

I am: 

  • body positive
  • mental health stigma fighting 
  • positive in my messaging  

I'm looking to work with brands who feel the same way - that we can create community around a brand that doesn't make people buy things or participate because they feel bad about themselves. 

I want to facilitate:

  •  radical acceptance
  • glorious celebration 
  • gleeful delight
  • a community of raving fans for my clients 


I used to volunteer as a peer support for eating disorder survivors and I decided I didn't want to put out content that would undo that work. 

I want to work with: 

  • world changers
  • disruptors
  • subversive brands that smash stigma
  • community builders

I want to help brands and wellness professionals be allies in building confidence with their consumer base, growing a fan base for my clients because customers identify them with "coming home" - a safe place where they are understood.  


Does that sound like you? Let's book a discovery call! Rather shoot me an email? That's cool. You can get me here: alisonnicoletedford@gmail.com

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Curious about what I've done? Have a look at some of my more recent pieces of content I've built. 

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What I Do

How I Work With Clients

Most of my clients are busy professionals and brands who have a big message they want to share with the world but they are so busy making a difference in the world, they don't have time to tell people about it. 

They have a blog that needs content and they don't know where to start or they just don't have the time to maintain what they have already built. 

They have social media channels they should be posting on but they don't know what to say, when or how often. 

They have an email list they've worked to build and they know they should really send something but they are overwhelmed. 

Sometimes they have all of those pieces but they aren't all working together in a coordinated way. 

That's where I come in. 

When I work with clients, we sit down, take a look at their business, do an audit of what content and communication channels they already have, take a look at their marketing plan for the next quarter and build out a plan to communicate those activities while building overall brand awareness and growing community over the next three months. 

Then one of two things happen. They take their plan and:

1 - Hand it over to their team for implementation

2 - Hire me to build out the pieces of content they need 

Do you need a hand planning and executing your content? 

Drop me an email at alisonnicoletedford@gmail.com or let's set up a discovery call

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