More Than Words Inclusion
Don’t Just Talk About It, Be About It
Small Business Edition

Do you want to build an inclusive and welcoming business and make changes that aren’t just performative?

Are you looking to create an anti-racist space that welcomes people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities?

You’ve been thinking outside the “black square Instagram post” for a while but are really looking for practical advice on how to infuse inclusion into what you do.

You don’t just want to talk about it, you want to be about it.

In the first three months, you will get access to a workshop and a one on one strategy call to look at the inclusion challenges in your business.

You’ll also receive a done for you diversity statement that talks about what you believe and what you plan to do about it.

The last three months give you access to three more strategy sessions to deal with emerging issues, have your content and copy reviewed if you like and talk through your plan for the future.

You’ll also enjoy a done with you content planning workshop to help you plan how you are going to talk about inclusion and talk about what you do in an inclusive way.

Who this is for:

Online service providers (designers, copywriters, marketers, strategists, etc.)
Product based businesses
Boutique agencies
Personality-driven brands

The Experience:

More than Words is a combination of pre-recorded workshops (which you can watch at your own pace) paired with private 60-minute 1-1 sessions where we dive deeper into the work, and set your action steps for the coming months.

I’ll craft a Diversity Statement for you to share on your site, so all customers and audience members are clear on your values, and you have an easy reference point as you continue your journey of inclusion!

Month 1 –

Pre-recorded Workshop: Moderating Inclusive Communities – leading through conflict and learning from mistakes

1-1: What are the specific challenges you’re facing?

Discuss: Inclusion holes in your digital presence
Explore: What’s come up after the workshop?
Review: You’ve started implementing — what questions do you have? What have you previously had challenges around and aren’t sure how to proceed?
Commit: To the next action steps of your inclusivity journey

Month 2 –

Pre-recorded Workshop: Planning For Social Justice Conversations – content strategy for ongoing conversations

1-1: What intersectional lens can you look through?

Discuss: How can your business work with people from different backgrounds and challenges
Explore: How to talk about what you do and who you serve differently
Review: How to create content that serves more people
Commit: Create a content roadmap for ongoing conversations

Month 3 –

Pre-recorded Workshop: Making A Diversity Statement – documenting and planning for inclusion

1-1: Crafting your custom diversity statement

Discuss: What are you already doing to help people feel welcome?
Explore: Ways to link the day to day of your business to your diversity commitment
Review: Your inclusion goals, and vision for welcoming more people
Commit: To implementing new initiatives as part of your larger strategy

End deliverable: Your tailored diversity statement!

Here’s an example of a diversity statement I helped a client write:

Months 4-6 

You get three additional sessions to work through the implementation of your plan, and a done together content planning workshop to plan for ongoing inclusive content. We will work together to map out your email marketing, social media and blog content to support your inclusion goals.

Want to move faster? You can book your strategy sessions to take place biweekly instead of monthly. It’s up to you!

About me:

I’m an author, a marketer and a mom. I’m Indigenous (Kwakiutl First Nation) and based in Abbotsford, BC. I have over a decade of government experience and seven years of private sector experience creating information products that educate, inform and delight.

I have worked with solopreneurs, national brands, thought leaders, the wellness and film industries to amplify big ideas and important messages.

In my culture the symbol for wealth and justice is the same (copper) and my approach to business and marketing blends the two unapologetically.

I take an intersectional approach and support projects and founders that honour that Black, Trans and Indigenous Lives Matter, that disability access is a right not a privilege and that further the equality of women.

I do not support diet culture messaging, or shame-based scare tactics to inspire purchases. I believe in creating an affinity based on shared values to create a committed community of fans.

I believe in looking on the bright side of marketing (and motherhood!) and being on the right side of history. I want the work that I do to leave the world a better place — and I know you do too. So let’s make it happen.

Past participant feedback:

“I joined Alison’s program in the summer of 2020. I had already begun my journey of unpacking the systemic racism and injustice that society had ingrained in me.

I had no idea how to incorporate this into my business from a logistical standpoint and Alison made it all so simple.

My site, and social media all have explicit statements on where I stand as an advocate for anti-racism. This has given me the confidence to weave my stance into my podcast episodes, posts and community in general.

It goes so much further than just a values statement though. The way Alison facilitated this program allowed me to tangibly lay an expectation for myself, and my community.

I felt supported in figuring out how to articulate my stances on a subject that can be very delicate. She answered my questions with care, and when I had some uncomfortable situations arise in my community she gave her honest feedback in how to handle it.

I learned so much in this space that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

It was so much more than a history lesson, or what I “should” be doing. It was the space and direction to turn my business into a vessel for what I hope to be a significant part of the puzzle that moves our generation forward in finally committing to anti-racism, and beyond that true inclusion.

I don’t think I have all the answers now, but Alison instilled so much belief in myself to trust my gut, research when needed and take action when necessary.

I’m forever grateful to have heard about this course from a friend and to have taken it! If you are a business owner and need tangible steps to create an anti-racist and inclusive business, this is for you.

Are you ready to join us?

$5K – or 1k per month for 5 months

Workshops only:

Diversity statement only:

Interested? Email me at to request your spot or book a discovery call for more information.