Looking for web copy or content for your brand?

Web Copy That Wows

Do you have an expensive business card or a high-converting marketing asset? The right web copy and lead magnet can make all the difference. You deserve a web copy glow up so your online real estate isn’t a waste of space.

With a copy makeover you get:

  • A home page that clearly shares your brand message and vision, reeling your audience in to learn more.
  • An About page that shares what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for (with jazz hands!)
  • A Services page that clearly lays out how to work with you and why they should
  • A contact page to drive buyers to connect with you
  • A Diversity Statement that clearly spells out where you stand and what you believe in
  • A review/re-write of your opt-in copy to ensure it’s what your people need, want and will actually use.

It takes a week for a draft and two rounds of revisions to bring your ideal copy to life to be implemented on your website. Your investment for this service is US$4997. Let’s polish that copy so that you can shine for your customers.

Content That Connects

It can be hard to keep a blog fully stocked, planned out through a thoughtful editorial calendar and designed to bring people onto your website and into your funnel. You don’t have to do it alone. Instead of staring at a blinking cursor, you could be outsourcing your content.

Your blog content can:

  • educate, entertain and inform your audience
  • communicate new promotions and services
  • provide written versions of your weekly Facebook live broadcasts

You can purchase a quarterly content plan and weekly blogs (500-750 words) that will have you covered for a whole quarter for US$3997. Add on a quarter of weekly emails to share your blog content for an additional US$1500. ┬áIt’s time to load up your blog and your email list, not your to-do list.

Are you ready to get your marketing moving? Let’s talk.