Hi, I’m Alison Tedford

I’m an author, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant and a mom. I’m Indigenous (Kwakiutl First Nation) and based in Abbotsford, BC. I have over a decade of government experience and seven years of private sector experience creating information products that educate, inform and delight. 

I’ve helped executives, governments and brand leaders design their visions of inclusion, strategize about how to get there with practical, concrete action and find the words to talk about it.

In my coaching, I create an inviting space where questions are encouraged and welcome and that allows for growth and experimentation. I offer more than anti-racist coaching, I help you craft an organizational response to the need for people to belong and recognizes the layers of identities we all have that goes beyond race. Inclusion is about disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation too.

Doing Business With Impact

In my culture the symbol for wealth and justice is the same (copper) and my approach to business and marketing blends the two unapologetically. 

I take an intersectional approach and support projects and founders that honour that Black, Trans and Indigenous Lives Matter, that disability access is a right not a privilege and that further the equality of women. 

I do not support diet culture messaging, or shame-based scare tactics to inspire purchases. I believe in creating an affinity based on shared values to create a committed community of fans. 

The Right Words At The Right Time

I created programming to help business owners talk about their values and plan for inclusion. The first offering sold out within a week and has evolved into More Than Words Small Business Support and an opportunity to work together designed for the corporate space

I want the work that I do to leave the world a better place and I know you do too. Ready to get started? Let’s connect. Book a discovery call and make magic happen.