“The bright side of motherhood and marketing meets the right side of history.”



Raising questions, kids and eyebrows. Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops was the blog that started it all for me in my writing career. It’s a lifestyle publication that addresses parenting, social justice, wellness, and local BC events. Sassy, insightful and all around delightful. Get ready to laugh, cry and create change. 


My first book is coming out April 6, 2021 through Self-Counsel Press, it’s all about navigating chronic pain and entrepreneurship. Full of practical advice and encouragement for small business owners, you can preorder it on Amazon.


I write copy and content for badass brands. I help position your brand to participate meaningfully in the social justice conversations that matter. For your general marketing needs, whether it’s social media, web or sales page copy or blog content, I equip you with the words you need to build community and conversions. Learn more here.

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