“Inclusion is less about singing kumbaya and more about getting the right people around the campfire.”

I’m a diversity and inclusion consultant who helps people do more than just talk about it, but actually be about it. With over a decade of experience doing inclusion work in government and seven years experience with inclusive marketing, my work sits at the intersection of inclusion and communication. More than just tactics, the work that I do is about getting strategic about creating a truly inclusive business. 


My first book is coming out April 27, 2021 through Self-Counsel Press, it’s all about navigating chronic pain and entrepreneurship. Full of practical advice and encouragement for small business owners, you can preorder it on Amazon.


I help brands move from performative to transformative with their diversity and inclusion efforts. I work with leadership teams so they can talk about and plan for inclusion while leading inclusive communities and having the conversations that matter. 


From integrating social justice into your business, creating an inclusive business and learning how to build a business while managing chronic pain, I speak from the heart about topics that matter. Get ready for insightful, practical and inspirational content that gets your team motivated towards change. 

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